Choosing The Right Website Design Company

The First, and best piece of advice any Saskatoon business and Website owner should walk away from this article with is to ALWAYS ask to see functioning examples of previous work. Secondly, ask what programs the company uses to design websites. A descent website can be made with cheap software but you’re not looking for descent. Below are a few guidelines which can help create an impression of the company’s skill:
  • Very few professional designers use Microsoft Frontpage for web design anymore¬† this would be a warning sign.
  • Some web designers work exclusively with plain text editors. In theory this is a good sign it means they write all their code by hand which shows a thorough understanding of the preferred code.
  • Adobe products are typically at the forefront of the website design software industry. Although owning one of these programs does not an expert make, it at least it demonstrates good choice and a financial commitment to his/her practice.
Ask about website optimization for search engines, in particular, google. If they don’t know, or if they say that choosing good metatags is all you need to do, then they don’t really know what they are doing. In today’s cluttered web, optimizing your website for search engines is a must!¬† For example, your services are specific to the Saskatoon business community, and you want your website to appear in search engine results for the phrase “Saskatoon Website Design”… You must, therefore, ensure that the Search Engine Optimization company you engage optimizes your website for that very phrase and variations of that phrase like Saskatoon Web Design, Saskatoon website, Saskatoon Designer.. you get the picture :) Ask about the ability to manage your website’s content on your own via a content management system. If the web design company you are speaking with has a content management system (or CMS) available as an option, you have found an expert in modern website requirements. Last, but not least, get a ballpark for pricing from several companies. Don’t go with the highest and don’t go with the lowest. Go middle of the road, taking into account functionality and available options! Please do feel free to contact a Saskatoon web designer today to understand what we can do for your online efforts! Good luck!!

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