Look’n forward to the Arcade Fire show in Saskatoon!

We’re extremely excited for the Arcade Fire concert showcasing their third album, “The Suburbs”.  The cool thing that really sets the Arcade Fire apart from most bands and all band of comparable success is their adamant refusal to be whipped by a record label.  That’s right, the Arcade Fire are an independent rock band, recording, distributing, and owning their own music.  They’re truly a template for the future of music in and serve as a model for those artists who are passionately committed to the quality of their product rather than the quick-bucks of sell-out lane :) Rock and Roll lives… and is evolving, thanks to the folks of Arcade Fire!

If you’re computer is slightly better than half-decent, click here to check out this truly innovative (I’d risk saying game-changing) interactive music video for Arcade Fire track, “We Used To Wait”.  P.S.  Google Chrome web browser is highly recommended!

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