The Online Marketing Benefits in a Social Profile

At any given time of the day or night, considering all the different time zones in the world, you will find 700 thousand-plus people on Facebook and almost 200 thousand people tweeting away on Twitter per MINUTE!  Twitter and Facebook are free social media platforms that used sensibly and often can help both individuals and […]

Beyond Web Design.. Your visitors want something to read!

Your brand is extremely important and an effective web design that reaches your audience and compels them to stay is likewise as important.  That said, however, the primary goal of your website should always be to not only inform your visitors and potential customers what your company does, but how it does it, where it […]

Stoked For the Deep Dark Woods Return to the SK!

We’re pretty excited for the June show for one of our favorite local exports, the Deep Dark Woods, as they swing through Saskatoon as part of their tour.  For those of you who love genuine, warm, and melodically perfect music the Deep Dark Woods are for you… trust us .  Click play and have a […]

The New Facebook Business Page Design

We often get questions around how Facebook can be used for business and what impact the platform can have on a Small Business Marketing Campaign.. the answer is always to point to Facebook’s Business Pages.  With the new Facebook Business Page layout and functionality changes, released yesterday, we thought it’d be a good time to […]

Marketing in Saskatoon With Facebook Places

Marketing With Facebook Places Facebook Places is facebook’s location based service introduced several months ago. What Facebook places does is allows Facebook users to share their locations in the real world as well as passively see where their friends are.. It’s also become an extremely powerful marketing and customer engagement tool for brick and mortar […]
Web Design in 2011

Web Design in 2011

The RawkMedia Creative Group is exited about what’s to come in the Website Design world in 2011.  With the gaining popularity in HTML5, CSS3, Mobile Web, Javascript, and more, it’s difficult not to be.  We thought it’d be a good idea to sit down and put pen to paper with regards to our thoughts on […]

The Cornerstone of Website Marketing

If you’re familiar with our website and our blog, you’ll notice that recently we’ve put a lot of focus in articles regarding Social Media Marketing.  We’re comfortable in the assertion that Social Media is the next great platform for your online marketing strategy and presents the greatest potential for growth in online marketing efforts.  That […]

Keep Potash Corp of Saskatchewan – “Of Saskatchewan”!

We realize that a Web Design & Consulting firm has very little place commenting on the largest foreign takeover of a Canadian company (Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan), however we’d like to put in our two cents on how we feel it may impact the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Business community. In a recent report examining the […]

The Neil Young Trunk Show Opens in Saskatoon!

We know this is somewhat off-topic, given the general theme of our website and blog, but we wanted to push out our adoration for Neil Young and even more so for Saskatoon’s Broadway Theatre for boldly going where no other Saskatoon theatre generally goes.  In this case, for showing an epic documentary about Neil Young’s […]

Why SCN Matters to Saskatchewan!

As a longtime fan of Saskatchewan based programming and the cultivation of homegrown talent, Local Programming in general, and obviously Saskatchewan based media in the Saskatoon Web Design community, we’re sad to hear that SCN Saskatchewan has lost funding that has been allocated to the station in the Saskatchewan provincial budget for over 20 years. […]