You’ve got questions, Quora’s got answers!

We’re a web design company and as such, we have a lot of answers… but not all the answers.  We often turn to Quora when we have questions… not necessarily Web Design questions, any questions in general.  What is Quora?  Founded in 2009, by two former Facebook employees, Quora launched on June 21, 2010. Quora […]

A little bit of humour in the Web Designer – Customer relationship

Here’s a little comedic relief in the relationship between a customer a web developer… Perhaps other Saskatoon Website Design companies can relate better

Marketing in Saskatoon With Facebook Places

Marketing With Facebook Places Facebook Places is facebook’s location based service introduced several months ago. What Facebook places does is allows Facebook users to share their locations in the real world as well as passively see where their friends are.. It’s also become an extremely powerful marketing and customer engagement tool for brick and mortar […]

Standard Website Design vs. Mobile Web Design

Web Design for Mobile devices isn’t a new concept.. and likewise, the existence of mobile web browsing should be no secret either. Over 4 million Canadians are already using their mobile devices to access the internet.. for more than directions. Whether or not your business needs a mobile friendly version of your website design, should […]

Air Canda’s Lesson in Social Media Marketing

Do you recall the boy who’s wheelchair was damaged by Air Canada’s baggage handlers while traveling to New York in August?  If so, you may also recall the fact that, following a tweet from the boy’s family regarding the state of his broken wheelchair and the fact that the family was now stuck as a […]

RawkMedia – Social Media Profiles vs. Business Website Design

With the wide availability of free resources, social media profiles, and social media platforms available to create an online presence, an old question becomes once again relevant… Do you need to engage a web design company to create your business website? It’s no secret that Facebook has surpassed 500 million users. Twitter has surpassed 200 […]

Make your own promo video in 5 minutes with Google, YouTube, and “Search Stories”

In early spring, Google and Youtube released a cool little app called “Search Stories“.  What it does is quickly let you turn a Google search, or Google searches, into a “video story”. By entering in one or several searches in various platforms, google will simulate those searches and youtube will turn those searches into a […]

A couple more Bills for Bill. Well done Zuck

At 26 years old, Mark Zuckerberg has joined the likes of Warren Buffet (and other notable millionaires / billionaires) in signing the  “Giving Pledge” with the Gates foundation.  by signing the pledge, Zuckerberg promises to give more than half of his wealth to charity, either during his lifetime or after his death. Earlier this year, […]

Dedicated Server Hosting vs. Shared Web Hosting Services

Hosting is obviously paramount to owning a business website because without some form of server or shared hosting service, your website isn’t on the internet. If your a new owner of a website either designed by a web design company or by yourself, you’ll need to understand the different types of server hosting or shared […]
Kaid Ashton

Kaid Ashton

Kaid Ashton was looking for a website that would represent his extensive travel around the world working as a freelance photographer. His vision was to represent his photo galleries from various locations visually against a map of the world.