Marketing With FourSquare

Location based marketing is as old as commerce itself.. and marketing with incentive to be in a particular location has traditionally been a costly venture but not without success.  The solution to such a heavy cost to a successful marketing stream… geo-location based automation via smartphones.. and social media – Enter FourSquare.   FourSquare’s beauty lay […]

Keep Potash Corp of Saskatchewan – “Of Saskatchewan”!

We realize that a Web Design & Consulting firm has very little place commenting on the largest foreign takeover of a Canadian company (Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan), however we’d like to put in our two cents on how we feel it may impact the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan Business community. In a recent report examining the […]

Guy Kawasaki – How To Create A Community

Building a community is integral to your website’s social media strategy.  Whether it be a facebook page, a twitter follow list, or a website forum, the way you interact with your community will determine the effectiveness of your website’s social media strategy.  Great… that much has been established in so many other RawkMedia Web Design […]

Look’n forward to the Arcade Fire show in Saskatoon!

We’re extremely excited for the Arcade Fire concert showcasing their third album, “The Suburbs”. The cool thing that really sets the Arcade Fire apart from most bands and all band of comparable success is their adamant refusal to be whipped by a record label

Ensuring your website gets infront of your target audience through link-building

So, you’ve done a little research in the efforts to understand how better to position your website in search engine search results.  What you’ve quickly disc0vered is that one of the most important factors in getting your website positioned well is by getting your website’s URL in as many places as possible.  The most effective […]

Different Website Design Elements for Different Saskatoon Business Needs!

You’re a Saskatoon business owner and you’ve come to the realization that you need a website.. congrats!  You’ve searched google (or the search engine of your choice) to determine what Saskatoon based company could best facilitate your website design.  In discussion, you’ve developed a vision of your website… your vision however may not be exactly […]

Wanna get your website on your customer’s iphones, blackberries, etc?

No problem, we can make it happen with your integrated smartphone module. Our Website Management System saskatoon website customers can now opt to have a smartphone version of their website created with a seperate URL that they can provide their customers with to access important product and services information on the go! Drop a line […]

Betty White teaches us all a lesson in Website marketing via Social Media

Last week’s SNL episode hosted by Betty White has proven much more than the obvious fact that she remains one seriously golden girl. She’s also proven what should be an obvious fact by now, that Social Networks can literally make or break a concept… In Betty’s case, Social chatter resulted in her hosting and pop’n the top off of SNL in terms of ratings. What does this mean to your business? What you should take away is the idea that an active network of targeted saskatoon web listeners can do more for you in a day than a costly sales campaign can in a year! Create your social profiles on facebook, twitter, etc.. But be active within the Saskatoon community web! Communicate with your listeners about your products, services, and your market.. Be patient with success, it will not come overnight, but it will come with hard work.

Big news in what will be one of the greatest innovations in mobile tech!

Since becoming serious fans of the Google Android smartphone flatform, we’ve been following updates closely. One of the most interesting innitiatives has been Google’s “google TV” Television on the Android. Although scant few details have emerged since releasing their TV news, we can now look forward to a full reveal at next month’s I/O Developer […]

We always recommend an effective Social Networking Strategy

First and foremost, recognize that the various social media outlets available today represent the most cost effective outlet for you to reach your customers. And the potential market for business networking, both inside and outside of the Saskatoon business community, is enormous. Over 20 million businesses worldwide are members of local chambers of commerce organizations […]