Would you “like” your facebook fan page?

It’s no secret that facebook has a massive audience, but very few members are on facebook to learn about new businesses. That said, how does a business create an audience to engage via facebook! The obvious option is Facebook ads, which can be cheap and effective in promoting your Facebook page. Another necessary option is to ensure that visitors to your website are presented with a “like” button to your facebook page (facebook has made this very easy to integrate). Another great (and free) option is to leverage your employees to include your company’s Facebook address in their e-mail signatures as well as their existing social media network. look at it as any other marketing campaign; ensure that your facebook page link is integrated with your email marketing and blogging campaigns. This might seem a bit resource-intensive, but effective nonetheless. Facebook has great potential, but it’s a competitive marketplace, and, as such, you need to fight for your fans.

Once you’ve got a solid audience, don’t leave them hanging! Communicate and engage with your audience. Create a dialogue about your products and services. Also, try to get an understanding from your audience about how you can improve your products and services. Engaging your audience is somewhat difficult at first, you really need to develop a level of trust that can translate into a truly open dialogue.

Your audience is human, you’re human, make sure you treat them as such. Ask yourself, “would I interpret my information as a genuine attempt to inform on my market and my products / services? Would I respond to that last post? Would like my facebook page?” :)

Your social media campaign is entirely dependent on your approach to your social media community!

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