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Communication with our customers and prospective customers inevitably turns to one key question, “what are they key components I need in my website?”.  obviously, your website’s design should best showcase whatever information you’re trying to convey to your website’s visitors like products, services, information, etc.  there are, however, some staples that every website design should include that add both its functionality and presentation of your business.  The following is a quick’n dirty list of those core components that every web designer should include:

A Contact Page

Obviously :)   However, your contact information should definitely include a ubiquitous contact form rather than just your phone number and email address.  Your website contact form should include the visitor’s name, company name, email address, and description (the nature of the inquiry) fields.  You could go further to categorize the nature of contacts into options like “to request a quote”, “support inquiry”, and so forth. Also, don’t forget to provide links (everywhere you can) to your social network.  If you don’t have an established social network for your business, see here for information about its importance.

An About Page

People want to know who you are, what you are, and what you can do for them.  An about page is the perfect way to convey company / team member information, business goals, track record, to your potential customers.  Your about page should be concise and professional.

A Products / Services Gallery

The most important component of any business website design is the categorization and presentation of your company’s products and services.  Don’t get too specific, present your products and services in categories… be more general than you think you should be.  Your visitors’ patience is valuable but short.

Social Media Integration

A Social Media Network is quickly becoming your most cost effective (it’s free) option in raising awareness about your business and your products / services.  Ask your web designer whether or not they have a strategy for integrating your social media network with your website.  This should include links to your social media networks in your website, automatic updates from your website to your various social networks, and vice-versa.


It’s become obvious to any business owner that a website is not a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have.  Given that fact, competition for your target audience and potential customers is fierce.  How do you differentiate?  One of the best ways to differentiate is in the aesthetic appeal of your web design.  Make sure that your website is concise and coherent but also ensure that your web designer can provide a web design that differentiates your business from your competitors. Feel Free to contact a RawkMedia Web Design Consultant today to discuss your how you can get your website online properly.

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